Celebrating Love:

The Valentine’s Day Activity Guide

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate love and relationships with those who matter the most in your life! Whether you're spending the day with friends, a lover, family, by yourself or even with your beloved pets, there are countless ways to express your love. M.A.D Shoppe’s team has listed their favorite heartwarming activities to make this 14th of February truly special.

Go on a Restaurant Tour With Your Foodie Friend

This Valentine’s Day, put on your best outfit, grab your foodie friend and hit the streets for the best and trendiest restaurants in town. Montreal is a city known for its vibrant culinary scene, so what better way to celebrate love than by enjoying some delicious food and sipping cocktails all night long with your friend? There’s none, we’re telling you, it’s the best way.

Here are some suggestions of our favorite restaurants around the city.

Bar Henrietta - Mile End

For its amazing vibe and dishes to share.

Vin Mon Lapin - Petite Italie

An exceptional wine list that will make you speechless.

Hiatus - Downtown

Wonderful city views + japanese cuisine = the best combo you’ll ever get.

Hà Restaurant - Old Montreal

Say no more, we found the absolute best Southeast Asian cuisine in the old port of Montreal.

Don't forget to put on your favorite dress so you won't go unnoticed!

Take a pottery Course with Your Lover

Get your hands dirty and create lasting memories by taking a pottery course with your significant other! Mold a heart-shaped mug together, so that every sip will become a reminder of the love you share. Either it’s been your lover for 10 years or for 2 hours, this creative activity will surely bring you even closer and become a romantic experience. 

In Montreal, we have an incredible selection of pottery workshops that will not let you down during your pottery journey :  Les Faiseurs, Atelier Forma, Mie Kim and Café Céramique to name a few.

For those who prefer to spend quality time with their friends while staying in the comfort of their home, Monokiini offers introductory home pottery classes for groups of six people or more. It's also a great idea for three couples of friends looking for a creative activity to do together.

If you're up for a little getaway on the fjord’s coast, our dear Camille, aka La Poteuse, offers pottery classes in the heart of the Bic village. So romantic!

Go on a Snowy Park Date with Your Dog

You don’t have any humans to spend Valentine's Day with… but you have a dog? Don’t leave your furry friend behind, it’s your date! Take a snowy stroll in some of Montreal's beautiful parks and create long lasting memories - and take pictures, please.

For this special day, we recommend some of the most iconics parks of the city such as Parc Lafontaine, Parc Maisonneuve and Parc Mont-Royal. Who knows, maybe your puppy we’ll meet some new friends…and you too 😉.

If you plan on having fun with your dog while also finding your soulmate, we recommend putting all your bets on winter accessories for an impeccable look!

Take yourself on a Self-Care Trip

Valentine's Day isn't just about expressing love to others, it's also about showing love to yourself. For you, if this means going out of town and booking a massage at a spa, we have incredible places in our address book to recharge your batteries! The new go-to destination for our favorite it-girls is none other than... the Eastern Townships region! A place filled with surprises, featuring spas, hotels, cottages, restaurants, and mountains that will undoubtedly relax you.

We are telling you, you should definitely book those spots right away.

Balnea Spa - Bromont

Massages, thermal experience, beauty treatments, natural cuisine, amazing views : they got everything you need honey! 

For the occasion, you absolutely must bring your favorite swimsuit

Manoir Hovey - North Hatley

A room with a view on Massawipi lake ? Say no more, we are booking a night right now! Plus, it’s the perfect place to order as much room service as you want and do a movie marathon all night in your bed or in your bathtub - and probably rewatch the whole Sex and the City series.

Mount Owl’s Head - Mansonville

For you, self-care rhymes with skiing with a magnificent view? This ski spot is the perfect option for a little outdoor activity before the spa or a good meal in the greatest restaurant of the area. Don’t forget to pull off your best ski outfit.

Go Ice Skating with your whole Family 

Valentine’s Day can also be the perfect time to take some time with your family members and tell them how much you love them. So, gather everyone and hit the ice for a fun day - or night - of skating ! In Montreal, consider iconic locations like the Old-Port and Quartier des Spectacles for a charming urban experience. 

If you prefer to go on an adventure outside the city, there are plenty of ice trails in the forest that would keep you busy all day. Le Domaine Enchanteur, L’érable Rouge or even Le Parc des Pionniers : it’s going to be hard to make a choice. 

Going ice skating means being stylish, so put on your most beautiful coat!

As the 14th of February approaches, remember that expressing love comes in many forms. Whether you're doing a culinary exploration with your dearest friend, getting creative with pottery beside your lover, embracing the winter chill with your dog, indulging in self-care, or skating with family, the most important thing is to celebrate the bonds that matter most in your life. Happy Valentine's Day!