How does the M.A.D. Shoppe platform work?
The experiential platform M.A.D. Shoppe acts as a bridge between brands and consumers. We provide a directory of carefully curated products from emerging designers and brands in line with our values and mission. To learn more about M.A.D. Shoppe, visit the "About Us" section on our website.

Are the prices of products on M.A.D. Shoppe the same as the prices at designers and brands?
Yes, the prices of products on M.A.D. Shoppe are exactly the same as the prices on our partners' platforms. If this is ever not the case, please let us know by contacting our customer service.


Is it possible to receive more information about new arrivals, the latest trends, favorites, and promotions?

Yes! By subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of the screen, you can be assured of receiving information about new brands, products, trends, promotions, and much more.



What types of designers and brands are available on the M.A.D. Shoppe platform?

Some brands are more timeless and sell classics, others are more focused on trends, while a few identify themselves as underground. M.A.D. Shoppe offers both well-known designers and those who are making their debut in the local market. The platform provides clothing, accessories, beauty products, and decorative home items.

How are the designers and brands available on M.A.D. Shoppe chosen?

The designers and brands available on M.A.D. Shoppe are carefully selected by our team based on our mission and values. Most of them are local brands, promoting not only local commerce but also creativity and innovation.


I am a designer, brand, or artisan, and I want to make my products available on M.A.D. Shoppe. How can I do it?

You are welcome! Just contact us via email at the following address:



Am I obligated to create an account to make an online purchase?

No, it is not necessary to create an account to buy products on the M.A.D. Shoppe platform.


What are the benefits of opening a M.A.D. Shoppe account?

By opening a M.A.D. Shoppe account, you will receive personalized product suggestions based on your preferences through the algorithm. Additionally, managing your orders and returns will be more convenient.



What are the accepted payment methods on the M.A.D. Shoppe platform?

We accept credit cards only: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.


Who handles the delivery of my online order ?

Your order will be shipped directly by the designer or brand of the product you purchased on M.A.D. Shoppe. However, we ensure the tracking of the delivery from start to finish.


What are the delivery fees?

When you order your items from a single designer, the delivery fee is $9.99. The designer covers the difference, as long as the delivery amount does not exceed $20.99. In the exceptional case where the delivery fees surpass a total of $20.99, the full fees will be charged to you. At that point, you can choose whether to proceed with the transaction or not. This scenario may occur if the ordered item is heavy and originates from a remote region.

In the event that you order from more than one designer, a fee of $4.99 PER designer or brand will be charged. The same cap of $20.99 applies if you purchase from multiple designers and brands.


What is the delivery time for my order?

Delivery within Canada usually takes between 4 to 7 business days. However, certain busier periods may impact this timeframe, such as Black Friday and Christmas.


Do you deliver outside of Canada?

For now, we only deliver within Canada.


What should I do if the products in my order are broken, damaged, or if there are any errors in the order?

You should contact customer service by email at the following address: Afterward, we will arrange for the return or exchange of the order.



Why does the M.A.D. Shoppe platform aim to reduce returns?

M.A.D. Shoppe offers carefully curated products selected based on the preferences and needs of its community. As a result, returns should be less frequent since our mission is to provide the best products from the designers and brands available on

We also want to minimize the handling of returns by our partners so they can focus on offering you the best and avoid the excess transportation caused by returns!


Can all items on the platform be returned?

The following products cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons: swimwear, underwear, hair accessories, and beauty products.

All other products that do not meet your order requirements can be returned free of charge within 7 business days. This includes the following situations:

- The product is defective or damaged.
- There are missing parts from your order.
- The wrong product was sent (wrong color, wrong size).
- The product description on the website is incorrect.

To be eligible for a return, the product must be in its original packaging, in perfect condition, and have all original tags.




How to make an online return if I have a M.A.D. Shoppe account?

On, log in to your account, then click on the "My Orders" tab. To initiate a return, fill out the form and indicate the reason for the return. Afterward, you can print your Canada Post label and take it to the nearest post office.

If your return is part of the non-compliant orders, the transportation costs will be covered by M.A.D. Shoppe.



How to make an online return if I don't have a M.A.D. Shoppe account?

After your online order, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link for returns, if necessary. Download the return label, properly pack the clothing or accessory, and drop the package off at a post office or a service point to send it back to the respective brand.

***You must return the package via mail and not to the store or offices of the brand from which you made the purchase.


Is the return of my online order at my expense?

If you are returning the product because it is broken, damaged, or you received the wrong order, no return fees will be charged. For any other reasons, the return fees will be at your expense.


After my return, how can I get a refund?

Once the designer or brand has accepted your return, M.A.D. Shoppe will process the refund directly to your credit card.



Is the transactions for my purchases on secure?

Yes, absolutely. The website has SSL security, which means that all the data you transmit to us online is encrypted and fully protected.


I received a message (via email or text) asking for my personal or banking information. Can I trust it?

Under no circumstances do we ask for personal or banking information via email or text. M.A.D. Shoppe has not authorized any company to collect personal information on its behalf. If you receive such communications, it is phishing attempts to obtain your personal data. Please do not click on any links and delete the message.


Does the M.A.D. Shoppe platform store my personal and banking information?

For security purposes, no confidential data is stored on our server.