The brand Gathna is named after the combination of Gabrielle and Athena. Gabrielle is the founder of the company, while Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, who symbolizes empowerment. Gathna specializes in designing and selling skirts and strives to offer inclusive collections so that all women can find skirts that fit their silhouette perfectly. Each Gathna skirt comes with a silver ribbon, which symbolizes both the strength of Athena and the English metaphor "silver lining", meaning that there is something positive behind every situation.

Inclusivity and women's rights are the core values of the brand. Gathna offers 2 skirt lengths per model and provides sizes from XXS to XXL, along with customizable sizes. In support of women's rights, the company partners with the Canadian Women's Foundation and regularly collaborates to raise funds for the cause.

Peach Blush - Coral Slit SkirtAura - Light Pink Satin Midi SkirtBlooming - Blue floral long slit skirtSensuality - Red satin wrap skirt with rufflesSimplicity - Black skort