Disco Melting Mirror Heart


Product details

This mirror is crafted from a recycled piece of glass, which is why there are small visible scratches on its surface. It bears scars, making it imperfect, but it exudes a unique beauty. Despite its imperfections, the mirror possesses the remarkable ability to reflect the sun's rays into the room, completely transforming the atmosphere and creating a magical ambiance. The essence of this creation lies in recycling and granting a second life to an object that was no longer desired by its previous owner.

  • Unique piece
  • Hand made
  • Cement sculpture


  • Cement
  • Mirror
  • Plaster


  • Made in Quebec

Product care

  • You can clean this mirror using the same product you use to clean your windows. Since it is heavy and made of mirrors, please handle it gently to avoid injury. Do not move it by the glass, but rather by the handle.


Fayality helps people bring fantasy into their spaces. Most of the unique artworks are created from recycled materials, resulting in an original final outcome, thanks to the unique use of pieces of mirror.

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