candle - myriam van neste x flambette


Product details

Born from an obsession for the ridiculously beautiful collages of artist Myriam Van Neste, we are delighted to introduce our most recent collab, in a pretty jar that can be reused in a thousand different ways. The fragrance chosen by the artist? Wood sage & sea salt. Elegant musk and soft floral top notes elevated by citrus middle notes and finished with woody amber bottom notes. The kind of scent you want to smell at home all year long.

$2 per candle will be donated to the Red Cross, to help Ukrainians, a cause that is particularly close to our hearts.

  • Glass jar with vitrified pattern, resistant to washing
  • Engraved wooden lid
  • Approximately 50 hours of combustion


  • 100% pure soy wax
  • Crackling wooden wick


  • Made in Quebec

Product care

  • Trim wick to ¼″ before each use (tear burnt part)
  • Burn until wax melts evenly across the surface


Founded in October 2016 by two designers, Marie-Michelle and Tania, their brand Flambette was born from their shared passion for beauty and comfort, offering scented products that allow people to enjoy their time, relax, and feel good. Their product range includes crackling candles, room mists, scented soaps, bath milks, hand creams, bubble baths, and wax melts. All are handmade with healthy and natural ingredients, and the fragrances are carefully chosen to create a unique and comforting experience. Flambette is also committed to providing excellent customer service and meeting the quality standards demanded by their clientele.

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