The Connect Deck: Volume Two (Pre-Order)


Product details

Scheduled Ship Date: October 2023

Don't Just Feel Good, #FeelEverything with The Connect Deck: Volume Two!

A bigger, brighter, and bolder version of our original, 5-star, multilingual human connection game.

Designed hand-in-hand with our community, Volume Two was created to become a staple in every mindful home! It contains all-new bilingual questions for inspiring meaningful connections, with new features such as our 'emo' dice to start every turn, a new mindful moments category, and new 'spark' action cards to spice up your gameplay!

Full contents include:

  • 175x question cards:
  • yellow cards: break the ice
  • green cards: it's time to go a little deeper
  • pink cards: no holding back!
  • blue cards: grab the tissues (just in case!)
  • orange cards: anything goes!
  • 25x purple cards with mindful moment prompts to connect through the senses
  • 1x dice

Product care

  • Take care of it, and it will take care of you. :')


Founded in Montreal, Happy Tears has as its main objective to spread joy. For its creator, Brandon J. Roy, happiness consists, among other things, in making choices that best correspond to who we are and in creating strong bonds with those around us.