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The thought that counts – This is the perfect gift card to get a cool accessory. Buy it for a friend, your son’s meditation coach or the coolest of mums!

M.A.D. Shoppe

M.A.D. Shoppe supports local creators by offering items conceived and made here. Our online marketplace is the perfect place to explore the univers of our exceptional designers. From candles to winter coats, hats, and earrings, you will be impressed by the local talent. We also have some products from our private collection to offer you. Here they are...

Le beanie by Le Cartel
M.A.D. Shoppe
Runner Sunglasses by KraywoodsJogger by Le Cartel
M.A.D. Shoppe
Cagoule Mamé
M.A.D. Shoppe
Bucket hat by Mamé
M.A.D. Shoppe
BKIND - Nail Polish Collection
M.A.D. Shoppe