''Grandma's favorite lamp'' Skirt


Product details

Discover our gorgeous skirt inspired by vintage lamps. With its elegant fringes that create a lovely movement, this classic skirt is made from 100% recycled materials.

Size 6 (XS)

100% Recycled


  • 50% cotton
  • 50% polyester


  • Made in Québec

Product care

  • Delicate Cleaning

Maison Desneiges

At Maison Desneiges, recycling meets romance. "Maison" evokes the well-being and security of a home, while "Desneiges" reflects our vintage and elegant aesthetic. Each creation is made from recycled materials, carefully transformed to bring original and joyful pieces to life. Our clothes add a touch of magic and uniqueness to those who wear them. Discover elegance and eco-responsibility through collections that celebrate the beauty of sustainable fashion. At Maison Desneiges, each garment tells a unique story while preserving our planet.

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